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Thursday, July 31, 2008?
late for sch tdy ..
think late for 1h maybe ?
but lesson just started .. :P so didnt miss anything ..
today is one of those boring sch days ..
vp teacher didnt come .. rest of the lessons are stupid ..
got my napha GOLD t-shirt tdy :D
quite cool :D
during sw tdy .. played some soccer and basketball ..
man .. im out of shape ..
more like out of breath ..
ciggerate is killing me ..
o well ..
damn shag after sch ..
reach home bathe etc ..
and went photoshop kill some time
this is the product of today ..

im still learning :P
pls dun criticise me :D


Monday, July 28, 2008?
so tired ... cant ... ..
arg ..ok ..
sch was ok today ..
taught buttons again
used chroma key :D
our group is gonna look so dumb ..
but thats the whole idea of non exam sch work :D
have fun
basically chroma key is a green thingy(comes in various colour)
that put on a background
so that when editing ..
u can remove the green and put it somewhere else ..
so my group removed me and joseph's head,
and place it on a chicken ..
super unrealistic
but i like the idea .. lol ..
ill show it to u when im free .
anyways .
Happy birthday Irene!
Didnt know it was her birthday till today ..
during break went out of sch to eat mac ..
like 10 ppl ..
its like damn long since i eat with so many ppl ..
im emo :D
nyways ..
me and joe went to this bakery shop to buy
a one piece cake for her ..
fucking auntie show attitude and dun wan give us candle ..
It's the one at the basement of singapore post
Sing birthday song .. at mac ..
blah blah blah ..
skip all the lil emotions k ? lol ..
So i reached home today round 6+
damn tired for games .. so i youtubed.
and photoshopped ..
ill show u some :D

ok the last one is damn random .. maybe all of them are
but u get it dun ya .. IM BORED !
and i wanna learn photoshop !
ok enuf for today :D


Thursday, July 24, 2008?
so tired now .. shuda blogged earlier ..
no mood to blog bout anything now ..
basically ..
went to sch at 8:30am tdy ..
retake 2.4km ..
managed to get a C XD
hehe .. 11.30min
meaning im getting gold :D

stupid feud between 2 girls in my class is irritating me .. like always ..
guess i shouldnt do anything bout it and let them kill each other ..
nyways ..
sch went on till like 3pm
went home after that ..
drained from napha ..
took 24 from sch to airport
then trained back ..
just to waste time ..
no chio bus .. lol ..

reached home ,slack ...
dinner father brought us to eat vegetarian ..
again ..
at china town ..
was too tired to rmb wat i ate ..
but its quite cute ..
all the fake meat ..
sweet and sour pork..
think still got mai pian xia ..
haha ..
115 doulars ..

then came home ..
this is how i compress my day into words
good bye :)


Sunday, July 20, 2008?

yesterday was my auntie's birthday ..
father drove me and my sis + 1 monk
to celebrate with her ..
went to liat tower to eat vegetarian ..
when we reach there there's like 5 more monks and a indian there
i was like wtf .. lol ..
some awkward situation ..
the indian greeted us ..
when he greeted my sis ..
she was putting her hand tgt to stretch ..
and the indian thought it's our ethics/religous believes to greet like that
so he did too .. lol ..
he did the same to me but ofcos i didnt put my palms tgt ..
thats dumb ..
so basically the vegetarian dinner with family auntie and 6 months was quite horrible.
im quite glad im a meat eater .
after that me and my sis went to the museum near SMU watch night fest.
i dun really understand but all i can say is there are ppl tied to strings
and dancing in the skies ..
seems cool ..
show lasted 1h 15 mins prolly ..

after that my sis and I decided to go catch late night show
watched "The Dark Knight"
awesome movie i must say ...
its a must watch !
after watching the show .. its quite sad to know that,
we wont see the same guy acting as joker again
very good acting.
He died from drug overdose if u didnt know.
I dun mind watching again ..
so ask me if u wanna go :P


Saturday, July 19, 2008?
early in the morning 6 o'clock !
for no reason i woke up round 4am plus tdy ..
gonna talk bout the last few days which im too lazy to blog .

No sch on wed,
Meet kia siang at tampines after his sch end round 1+
he went back home to change 1st
Meeting Qiu rong and Jo for a mini belated celebration for ks .
was late :P
went to sakae sushi and ate the buffet at sembawang,
Damn uncomfortable !
the sit was huge !
prolly many fat ppl go there and eat,
but ks says its for ppl who finish eating to lay back to relax..
lol either ways its uncomfortable.
ate like 25-27 plates ?
round there .
stomach pain half way thru .. haha ..
im still damn lazy to upload pics :P
after that we rotted at sembawang, jo left earlier
to meet some guy..
so me ks qr decided to go yishun starbucks slack ..
thats bout that.

Sch day, 3D animation 1st, followed by some life skill/career development
NAPHA !!!!
kinda screwed it up BIG TIME !

Sit up: 44 (A)
Standing board jump: 255(A)
Sit & Reach: 49(A)
Shuttle Run: 9.20sec(A)
Pull up: 9(A)
2.4km run/walk: 13.38mins(E)

2.4 screwed me ..
this is bull shit man ..
im prolly gonna retake but i didnt fail !
I GOT E ! :(((((
dunno whether its allowed or when it is ..
stupid E made me get bronze.
i need gold or silver for the napha t-shirt .
And the T-shirt means more to me then NS enrollment nonsense.
rest of the day prolly emo-ing

Sch day, FLASH
sch ended early.
meet qiu rong at tampines :D
rare to see her on the east side
haha ..
help her crack her CS3 photoshop,illustrator and dreamweaver,
at MOS burger.
actually wanted to watch WANTED
but too bad its not showing in cinemas anymore.
at least not in TM and centuary square.
Wanted to watch dark knight but qiu rong doesnt like heros.
awww too bad ..
so sad ..
and we actually walk around for like 4 hours ++
dragged her to simei east point ...

and bring her walk around like tourist .. lol ..
went to pet safari and see this cute dog.
it has a teddy bear face !
super cute.
on sale now ! buy it !
lol ..
she left for home round 6 plus
n i went home
took a shower
slacked / gamed
went out round 7+8 to do my errands
and she just reached sembawang . lol ..
o well ..
went home and slp after errands ..
and here i am now :D

o ya .. i realised i speak carelessly sometimes
but i would never really mean hurtful things
so pls forgive me if i actually did :*(


Tuesday, July 15, 2008?
today late for sch :P
missed out my whole interactive graphics lesson ..
after that lesson is a 1nhalf hour break .. so ya ..
went to sch and rot for awhile ..
me and my buds were playing bluff when a teacher walk passed the corridor from upstairs
and told us to keep our cards .. so we did ..
u see we were at this area where there's lots of table and when u look up u can see
the corridor of 4 lvls , a walkway or smth ..
anyways ..
after he left we continued.. haha ..
bout 15 mins later
he walk back again and yell down .. he was like " Hey guys."
I told them to ignore .. lol .. maybe he will just go away ..
he said it a few more times and walked off ..
and i was wondering if he is coming down or continue to wherever he was bout to go
few moments later one of my friends was like " Eh eh .. he come liao ."
so i was like .. "zou zou zou zou zou"
and he followed up ..
he told us to stop..
and we did .. lol ..
gave us a stupid lecture ..
i decided not to try anything funny ..
lol dun really want that much trouble ..
and he said smth like " Lucky u guys nv run when i told u to stop or ur gonna be in serious trouble"
i was like get it over and done with already ..
so he confiscated our cards and took off ..
and we went to borrow another set of cards and played somewhere else .. haha ..
ok thats dumb..

after the break was video production ..
we got to use the camera today ..
was told to make a video clip on camera angles while using a story line .
i was the camera man with 2 other friends as the "actor" of a short lil lame story.
ok .. i would not even call it a story .. its a made up scene which just linked up ..
haha ..
in the end when we got back into the class everyone was done and their clip was alr shown to the others ..
kinda forgot bout the time limit i guess ..
guess we wasted time on a effect called the "dolly zoom"
u should look up on it if u have time ..
its when the character ur shooting is not moving but the background zoom in or out .
really nice when working on a ghost movie .. used on parts when ppl exclaims ..
So while our video clip is shown there's a few giggling and some chuckles in the air ..
guess we didnt do too bad ..
our rating is more like(from the teacher ofcourse)"the only group which used the angles in a story line unlike others scene by scene, did u guys do the dolly zoom ?"
PENGZ! spend like half of the time trying to get it done ..
guess it isnt that obvious ..
COZ,We didnt use a dolly, which is like a leverage to support camera so that it can be moved ezily.
ok ... i posted way to much today ..


Saturday, July 12, 2008?
hey ... just reached home ..
just now went town with qiu rong to buy kia siang's birthday present ..
should be passing him on wednesday ..
met qiurong at round 5 plus .. she was late for 25 mins ...
i even told her to leave later cos i heard that she was always on time
and ppl let her wait ..
o well ..
guess i was wrong about her ..
went to some places to buy ...
in the end we bought some ******* , ******** and a lil bit of *******
not very likely but just in case he is reading :P
and each of us shared like **** ...
among 5 person ...
ate long john today ..
shit .. i realised long john is my dinner !
gonna get hungry soon ..
o well ..
and once again ..
i attracted guys to look at me ..
and some weird guy sat beside me at marina bay
when there is so many empty sits around ...
ok thats not a thing to be proud of ..
lol ..
anyway i realised a big flaw bout one of the present ..
my sister told me and i was like O YA HOH ...
tmd ... damn it ..
but o well ..
u can ask me for more details if u want :P
alright ...
bathing time !
o ya i missed someone's wedding today :P


Friday, July 11, 2008?
whew .. finally end of the week ..
this is tiring ..
i suppose today is gonna be another boring day .
im home and prolly not going out for the rest of the day ..
haiis ..................................................
life is getting boring ...
i wonder if qiu rong is gonna buy ks present tmr ...
gotta get out of the hs one way or another ...
o well .. not much happened today :(


Tuesday, July 08, 2008?
what a unpleasent wat to wake up today zzz ..
not in the morning when i have to go to sch ..
but bout 20 mins earlier ..
woken up by the combination of the pestering of maid and father ..
wtf ..
cant they let a tired boy slp in peace ?
and then follow up by a lecture from u noe who ..
saying smth like he doubt i slept last night ..
dun screw up my slping habit ..
getting good grades is related to healthy lifestyle etc.etc.etc ..

its just a nap ffs ..
cant i get tired !
argh .

sch ended early today ..
so far nth much is learned from sch ..
cept lil bit of flash ..
the fucking section head didnt come and check my hair ..
wasted my effort of combing the back of my hair up ..
cant really fool anyone but tried :P
after sch went home and fainted till just now ..
and soon after , the holy resurrection.
nth much to share tdy ..
still have to see the stupid face of the bread winner during dinner ..
sheesh ..


Monday, July 07, 2008?
tdy sch reopen ..
didnt rmb sch was this tiring .. arh ..
damn tired now ..
gonna keep it short ..
went sch. hair kena caught .. wtf ..
ill see how far i can push my luck ..
new teacher ms.vivian ..
teaches me vp(video production)
and ig.. forgot what it means .. internet graphics or smth..
and i still got 3d -_-
anyways .. sch ended early today ..
always does on "1st days"
after sch errands.
evening took maid for medical checkup .
dinner gamed and present .
found a picture of my passport photo when i was roughly 6 mnths old ..
will upload it when i scanned it ..
random pic


Sunday, July 06, 2008?
woo hoo .. hancock today !
I actually asked ppl to watch it without knowing what the show is about .
guess having famous actors as the cast is a lot more appealing :P
nyways ..
today went to jaz's hs to visit .
she is under confinement :D
ok i rephrase .
she is under confinement D:
haha ..
issacus is like so fragile ...
didnt even realise i was shivering while attempting to touch him.
i mean pat him ..
arg either ways it sounds so wrong .. lol ..
dun mind me ..
ok overall its a lil cute boy !
with huge bags of nuts ..
and a lil tictac ..
LOL ...
got a feeling he gonna grow up to be naughty ..
and wish jazlyn good luck with the "KK soccer team"
"Qui rong" CC , Jo , kia siang and me went at round 3+
and left at 615 ..
had to rush to causeway point catch the movie ..
its at cwp(woodlands)
645 show ..
missed the 1st few minutes due to long que ..
went into the theater and realised
cwp is as good as omnimax theater at science center ..
have to bend it like beckham to see the screen
we got 1st row :D
but boh bian .. me and ks cant make it for other timing ..
actually ks might be able to but definitely not me ..
show lasted 1halfH
the show is ok bah i guess ..
not many climax part ..
so after the show we went to eat mosque burger ..
lots of chinese today ..
ate .. talk cock .. and left :P ..
left cwp at 930 maybe ?
reached home at 11pm .. its damn long !
last but not least ..
time for more chuncks of knowledge to me stuffed into the lil brain.


Saturday, July 05, 2008?
arrr .. recently no mood to blog .. actually i still dun have the mood to blog ..
ok .. keep the champagne 1st ..
im so bored ...
im eating 5 meals perday and im still not growing fat ...
5 ZHEN ZONG de meal ..
not biscuits or such ...
i think i eat straight away shit out .. lol

anyway ... sch reopening on monday . woo hoo ..
can see july intake mei mei .. dunno got or not .. lol..
but still .. its like a museum to me :(

tmr going to visit jazlyn ..
speaking of which ..
im kinda wondering if we r actually seeing the newborn baby or seeing how jazlyn is doing ..
deep down most of them r more keen on Le Baby ..
and "qui rong", dun tell me ur doing both ..
she will be like
"wah lau .. ni hen sucker leh ni"
yes 2 "ni"s
gotta admit making fun of her makes my day brighter .. lol
well im not really a baby person .. so im more concern on the well being :P



Wednesday, July 02, 2008?

my contact lenses has arrive !
haha .
finally ..
ill take photo of it when im wearing it :P
im like so bored at home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pls ask me out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and jazlyn gave birth ..
gonna go visit her this coming saturday ..
prolly gonna go watch movie after that ..

sch reopens next week ..
i suppose thats a good thing ..
aite .. ta~

featuring my contact lens..
and some eyebags



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