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Tuesday, December 16, 2008?


Wednesday, December 03, 2008?

ive always been bad at social shit ..
and sometimes i dun even have time for my friends
but i know someone who isnt ..
im not really good at praising someone ..
so ill wont mention the name
well .. you've always been one of my very close friends ..
but recently i was blog hopping ..
i realise ur pretty awesome ..
u're like a full time best friend to everyone where people can share their
joy and sorrows with
i've rant to u countless times and u're always understanding about it..
even though sometimes u lose interest real quick :P
I really hope u find someone whom u like and the person
will actually appreciate you for who you are.
if you dun bottle up your feelings that much,
plus a little bit of hardwork, a teeny weeny bit of confidence ..
you'll rock ..
lol bad use of words but ya ..
my english has been sucking more and more ..
o well ..


im back home !


fazli was at bedok @ his father's place and wanted to meet up
he came down eastpoint and we went to eat kfc
after that slacked around and played patapon till my dad came fetch me
to jurong cos raining

ate zhi cha at a hokker center with grandma sis father 3rd uncle and eldest aunt
food was alright ..
aunt told my sis if she wanted to go perth with her ..
sis asked me to go together ..
im quite keen except im not sure if we can smoke freely there ..
still pending decision
anyway my dad is still being a dick ..
(FYI, im still pissed bout how he say wearing a soccer jersy and basketball pants is unappropriate to go to a hokker center to eat ..(did not happened today).)

sis and i went to plaza sing and meet up with her friends ...
i had no idea why i went there too ..
guess i hate home now :D
jun jie hui ling damian cammelia annonymous blackshirt duets germaine and her gf
cammelia and the annonymous blackshirt duets left after their dinner
and the rest of us went to arab street to smoke shisha(i think its spelled lidat)
ate some snacks smoke 2 shishas.. strawberry smth and apple smth ..
quite cool ..
sitted there quietly ... like a retard ...
anyways .. slacked there till last train time ..

and here i am ..

well i've came up with a conclusion that all pretty/cute girls
are gay .. no offence :P
o well .


Monday, December 01, 2008?
morning hao left my place for sch .. and went bedok south eat char kway tiao for breakfast
with jon .. cos my sis slping so she didnt come ..

later that day went to suntec with sister,her boyfriend and a couple of her friends ..
went to acc jon buy ps3 game .. they seem so excited bout fifa 09 ..
i dun feel a thing :P

anyways .. i really dun feel like getting into minor details ..

tmr going grandma's place for dinner ..
gonna be a boring day tmr

and my dad is throwing me all sort of nonsensical stuff to do .. totally unnecessary for me
to do .. and cutting my allowance wanting to force me go out work ..
i swear he is getting more annoying as time goes by ..
maybe ill just nervous breakdown someday before i hit 21 ..
god bless me ..


Kenneth Ng

Kenneth Ng

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