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Monday, January 25, 2010?
im seriously having trouble now,
what ?

same old same old .. lots of work and no time !
im feeling bit tired already but have shit load of work to do
godamit ..

gosh .. i enjoy monday lessons actually, it doesnt bother me that it starts at 6.
but after that its just god damn tiring ..
cant do anything after class ..

maybe i need to grab a quick nap and hope i wake up at like 2 or smth ..
hmm ..

tmr is going to be another hectic day ..
but driving is still fun i guess :D

gimme a buzz if something comes up


Saturday, January 23, 2010?
been like 4 days since i made an entry ... nothing much really happened recently ..
just as per always those boring sch life ... i missed 2 days of school already .. godamit..


having all those weird emo vibes recently ..
and have a crap load of work to do tomorrow ..
really dun wanna owe anymore work .. sigh ..

seeing relationship fall makes me feel sad actually .. hmmm ..
o well ..
life's a bitch ..



Tuesday, January 19, 2010?
its nearing the end of another day ..
tired ...
i need to make sure that the work in school dun stack up or im in deep shit.

well my phone died after video production today so i lost contact with everyone ..
went driving again :D
Entered the easy mode circuit already ..
just kept driving rounds and rounds..
but godamit my engine died once today ...
cos i was afraid that i knock into the car infront so i fully depress the brake too fast and my clutch pedal wasnt pully depressed yet .. zzz
o well ..

next lesson was supposingly on 21st but it crashes with my sch ... damnit ..
need to go online and change the timing asap..

anyway .. recently i feel that i am a social retard ..
everyday when i get the time to reflect on what i did and say today
i will feel like i fucking idiot.

i think ill just stop talking to people now ..
need to chill down abit ..
and the lack of sleep making me grow a temper ..

i must eliminate TEMPER !
i shall not be angry ..

I think i shall stop talking to all girls ...
this is fucking weird .. but only I know the reason ..
From now on im not going to start a conversation or maintain a conversation with them,
ofcos cept rong and jaz. They're out of question.

gonna wash up and sleep soon ..

hope ur day wasnt as hectic as mine



Monday, January 18, 2010?
humph .. it does get lesser doesnt it ...
guess after all these that I've gone through .. it still comes down to this ..
o well ..

It's obviously a crush ..
thats why im not doing anything ..
unless i am proved wrong ...

anyways instead of doing work i ended up watching shows .. godamit ..
at least now im watching this film called Om Shanti Om..
tamil show that is supposingly good ...
besides i have to watch it for a work im required to do ..
so ya its beneficial in a way lol ..

maybe i should start work after the show ...
hmm ..
what am i doing to myself again D:
its almost 4 and im still awake on a monday morning ..

im freaking bored ...
if only theres people to hang out with at this timing lol ..

o well ..
lets hope tmr is better



Saturday, January 16, 2010?
i actually had stuff to write yesterday but cos my blogger refused to load i didnt post too..
too bad my goldfish memory refuse to remember anything .. i have nth to post about today..
cept i didnt start on my work yet..
im going to full fledge do work from tmr :)




Wednesday, January 13, 2010?
its a wednesday ...
have no sch on wednesday and friday :)

sounds good..

today is gonna be a taxing day of errands..
if i can get money maybe ill go cut and dye my hair :D

sch has been decent so far..
but already have 3 homework in 2 days
and materials is killing me..

o well

damn it..
my driving on the 21st and 28th crash with my lessons..
same lesson twice ...
not a good sign..

wonder if i can change it online or smth..
o well..



Sunday, January 10, 2010?
my left hand is affecting me from typing properly now..
ill just keep it short.

basically sch's reopening tomorrow and so ill just rot today..

past few nights of dreams.. no matter what kind of dream it is, it always have her in it, like cut scenes, walking by these and that ..
it actually makes me happier hmm..

if to me she is becoming more faint in my memory,
i prolly mean nothing to her now..

im bored..
my hand hurts. and look disgusting..




Saturday, January 09, 2010?
got woken up by my dad at 1+ to buy lunch zzz
i only slept at 8+ which means less then 6 hours sleep
quite tired now ...
but must stay awake for movie later :|

sherlock holmes :)

hope its a nice show ..

yesterday while i was riding my bicycle on my way to simpang to play some soccer,
i was on a down slope..
riding fast enjoying the wind on my face and suddenly my mind wonder off to somewhere
cant exactly remember what was i thinking off but the wind was so big that it blew my hat off
and unluckily..

my muscle reflex immediately went for the breaks and because i was on high speed,
my bicycle skid and i fell..
i slid on the road for nearly 5 meters.. ok idk but roughly there .. considering im on downslope + highspeed ...

so now i have like abrations on my left palm which makes me semi handicap and right knee + toe hurting.. and some minor injury on the left shoulder..
surprisingly my bike didnt receive any damage..
only the light broke.. but replacable

i swear it was a hell lot of pain when i took a bath last night...
but anyway i went for soccer even after i fell :D
never say die..

so long for the elaborate post..

i swear it was a hell of a pain when i


Friday, January 08, 2010?
boring boring boring ...
sigh ...
school is reopening soon ...

not sure whether soccer is on later .. hmm ..
enjoying some loud loud music home alone now :)

installed some random apps on my N97 :D
i can now msn and facebook on the go

o well ..

ok bye :D


*i was restricted from view*


Thursday, January 07, 2010?
its like almost 9 .. im still awake ..
have no clue why did i wake up at 5am ..

just finished watching eagle eye from my movie stash on my hard disk
first time watching it.. it happens to be quite a good show :)
actually intended to watch with cher but guess watching alone wasnt too bad too .

im glad my family issue has toned down a bit ..
hope its better when i wake up .

well ..
im bored.. maybe i should stay at home the next few days and prepare for sch reopen
sigh ...
sucks ..
the thought of school is just simply ... sianz...



Wednesday, January 06, 2010?
father problem is a pain in the ass ..
when i wake up hell is gonna break loose for sure ..
sigh ..
lets just see what happens ..
i should stay passive for now ..

*skip my emo stuff please if u want ..

i've now finally lost trace of her ..
i really hate getting over someone ..
its like u are ripping out a part of u

u are forcing urself to forget how important she was ..
making urself believe that she isnt the best for u ..
wanting to stop loving ..

right now .. the memories of her is getting less and less vivid ..
what i held on for what i cried for seem so meaningless ..
and it was such a short time span of 3 months ..

i hate it ..
i hate to know that when one day her name, her face and everything about her will no longer be special, will no longer flare up the passion that i had.
like all my other ex girlfriends ..
my heart has made itself immune to any passion for them ..

it brings tears to my eyes on the last wedding i attended. ofcourse not for joy.
but .. good stuff just doesnt seem to happen to some of us ..

the person whom i thought is the one left me ..
o well ..

life ... sadly .. goes on ..
ill just prepare for more drama later ..

the day my relationship status on FB becomes single .. is the day i really get over her ..
that will be a sorrowful day ..
when a passion really dies off ..



Tuesday, January 05, 2010?
school is reopening soon ..

life is still quite decently happening ..
but im sure no one wanna read about my daily routes ..
its just plain boring ..

well i watched fourth kind or smth ... effing lame ..
its as good as a second version of paranormal activity
erk ..

neways ill just blog other time



Monday, January 04, 2010?
hey .. this past few days ive been wanting to blog but for some reason i cant find time to ..
yeah thats new ..

for a change im actually going out doing stuff ..
which is a good thing i suppose ..

well .. cant remember what ive been doing recently but whats new is that my maid ran away from home .. lol
apparently we have no intentions of getting her back and currently looking for a new maid ..

but now ONCE AGAIN ..
we'll have to do the chores .. godamit ..

first time in my life i actually dun want school to reopen ..
normally around the end of my holidays ill be like i cant wait to go to school and shit .
o well ..

gonna enjoy the last few days of my holidays and back to serious stuffs :(


hope my dad dun screw up my plans again ...
anyways im officially single for 3 months today lol ..



Friday, January 01, 2010?
im back home :D

the party i went to wasnt exactly what i had in mind but i actually had lots of fun ..
ashame that i didnt get to drink again ...
really needed one ..
i think im seriously becoming a alcoholic but so what lol ..
new friends and shit is better ..
and played the legendary asshole tai di which i stayed the asshole for like 45345394898 rounds.
yeah something like that ..

hope they dun flood my wall with asshole post .. lol ..

the year ended peacefully ..
probably what's best for me ..

too bad it has to start with one of my moronic cousin's wedding ..
who the fuck will set their wedding day on 1st jan ..
and worst of all ill have to be there by 9am for the church thing ..

total bullshit ..
might be a good date for ur anniversary but think of those who still wanna have fun and dun screw their countdown plans ...
lucky it didnt really screw up mind cept im gonna be fucking tired ..

It seems too soon that my teens days are over ..
i seem the same but now i really feel old .. haha ..

still the same old trouble
still the same old problems ..
but will i have a different approach towards it ?

or will i stay passive and screw it up again..
one thing im still quite pumped about is getting my driver's license ..
i swear i work damn hard to get my own car ..

father's promise is trash ..

well ..
2010 has many stuff for me to achieve.
probably do not have any space for my 09 emo shit ..
so ill let those thoughts slowly dissolve and dissipate ..

embrace the future people..
lets hope all the single souls out there can find genuine love ..
btw ..
what i feel is if u actually CAN find love and it always does not work out ..
maybe some soul searching will help ..

always work things out .. end of story..
have other mentality and u'll fuck up..

im the king of assumtions ..
everything i assume is so accurate that it scares me .
makes me thing every other things that i didnt confirm is real ..
(random note)

alright chow guys ..
enjoy ur FIRST EVERYTHING in 2010

im fucking 20 years old godamit ..



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