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Tuesday, August 13, 2013?HEY!

Hello again people!

I feel so weird writing here again, I thought I have lost this blog for good. I'm so glad that it hasn't.

This is a place for me to track my progress in life and how I have grew.
Seem like as time goes by, I have became a sadder and sadder person. I have no idea why and how too.
I have been reading my past posts and I must say, really a blast of nostalgia.
I almost forgot how carefree and happy I was haha, though there are times where I feel heartbroken because of a relationship, but what's new right?

I shall just keep it short and end it right here, hope to post here again soon!


Thursday, March 25, 2010?

why am i never considerate enough ..
why am i at home doing nothing when my girlfriend is in pain at home ..
why is she not picking up my calls ?

why are u so incompetent ...
sigh ..........
and a burden to her as well ...
why can i never be better !!!

arg ....
please teach me how to take care of someone better



Wednesday, March 24, 2010?
its been awhile ..

and again i find myself blogging only when i have troubles...
it seems like the good stuff in life does not motivated me to write it down.

stuff with me and my girlfriend isn't going out well again ...
seems like its my fault again ..
apparently I dun listen to her and I lead a unhealthy lifestyle
like sleeping late .. not doing my work .. etc etc ..

sigh ..
now we came to a conclusion that we should not meet unless in time of needs
till after accesment, maybe its for the better ..
im just unhappy that she's still upset ..
i generally feel that things can resume again ..

its fucked up how we had 2 big arguements already ..
and i still have listening problems ..
i'm starting to feel ...
that i'm not good enough for anyone ..
i always put burden onto another ..

lets see how this goes ..

gonna go prepare now and meet jon to visit my father ..
seems like he is now feeling unwell and admitted into SGH.



Monday, March 08, 2010?
this is it ...
im officially not good enough for anyone ..
im too self centered and I cant even think in the shoes of my girlfriend ..

i always thought that im a awesome boyfriend material guy that is just misunderstood and have no lucks with girls ..

now i know ... i was just in denial ..
i suck as a boyfriend ..

i dunno ... i feel so helpless now ..
there is no way to improve myself in a short amount of time
I kinda regret letting her see my blog too ...

sigh ..
i really want this relationship to work out..

if this relationship fails im just gonna stay single permanently ...
but ill put every ounce of effort i have into this one
but if it still fails then its decided then ..

i really want to hide my weakness and what im thinking from everyone ...
this blog's existence is not to show people of my past or my life.

its just a thing i keep for myself for future references of what i was like in the past..
sigh ..

i want to be the best boyfriend ever ...
but it seems like it's so far away ...
i'm actually having doubts bout myself now...

not a good sign ..

o well ..
i smell another series of daily emo post if situation does not improve.



Friday, February 19, 2010?
hello ...
its been awhile ...
so glad that this place is eternally here for me to rant without fail ...

everything is actually going smooth with my life ...
idk ... this relationship is actually quite promising
there points that im pressured by and stuff though ...
just cant hide the constant voice in my head telling me im a boring person
sigh ...

i smell another end in the very beginning ...
o well ..
at least i managed to tone down a lot of mistakes i think i had ..

hope work dun pile up anymore ..



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Kenneth Ng

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